• School/Department: 深圳研究院

  • Administrative Position: 院长

  • Education Level: Bachelor degree

  • Business Address: 电气工程学院

  • Contact Information: qqq@swjtu.edu.cn

  • Professional Title: Professor

  • Academic Titles: 中国工程院院士

  • Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates

  • Supervisor of Master's Candidates

  • Discipline:In Electrical Engineering
  • Honors and Titles:

    2013    全国“五一”劳动奖章

    2000    有突出贡献的中青年专家

    1992    全国优秀教师

    1990    全国优秀科技工作者

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    Language: 中文


    Academician Qian Qingquan has been engaged in the theoretical research, scientific and Technological Development and teaching work in the field of railway traction electrification and automation for a long time in the national key disciplines and national key laboratories, and has made great achievements.

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