MENG penghui



Business Address:1340, No. 1 Teaching Building, Jiuli Campus, Southwest Jiaotong University


MENG Penghui




ž   M.A., Southwest Jiaotong University, Structural engineering (2004)

ž   B.S., Southwest Jiaotong University, Industrial and civil construction (1996)

Personal Profile

ž   Meng penghui is a female lecturer with a master degree of enginerring. In 1996, she graduated from Southwest Jiaotong University, majoring in industrial and civil construction, with a bachelor's degree in engineering; in 2001, she graduated from Southwest Jiaotong University with a master's degree in structural engineering. From April 2001 to now, she has taught in the Department of Construction Engineering in School of Civil Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University. She has been teaching not only many self-learning courses for undergraduates, including "Building Construction", "Building Construction Technology", "Engineering Supervision", "Construction Regulations", "Civil Engineering Economics and Project Management", "Construction Economics and Enterprise Management" "Construction Organization and Management", "Project Cost Planning and Control", "Project Budget", but also some training courses like "Engineering Cost Software Application and Training", "Introduction and Trend Analysis of International Construction Market", etc. So, she is rich in teaching experiences. At the same time, she is also the main lecturer of civil engineering professional economics and management courses in the provincial teaching team, and the main lecturer of the excellent courses "Civil Engineering Economics and Project Management".

ž   Meng Penghui has been engaged in the related research of construction technology and engineering management for a long time, ranging from the key education reform project in Sichuan Province "Research and Practice of the Teaching Content and Method of Civil Engineering Professional Economics and Management Course System"; to the horizontal project "New Lanzhou-Chongqing Railway Project Engineering" Review of budget implementation status (RMB 350,000). Furthermore, she has also participated in the national science and technology support project "Xihoumen Large and Complex Bridge Maintenance and Management Auxiliary Intelligent Decision System" (1.6 million), and published several papers too, including an IE paper “ The Construction Model of the Members’ Competence in a Building and Constructing Team”.


Research Interests

ž   Construction project management