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  • School/Department: State Key Laboratory of Traction Power
  • Business Address: Chengdu,Sichuan,P.R.China
  • Contact Information: 028-87634067
  • Degree: Doctor of engineering
  • Professional Title: Researcher
  • Academic Titles: Institute of Advanced Rail Transit Technology
  • Other Post: 日本学术振兴会海外特别研究员
  • Alma Mater: Southwest Jiaotong University(SWJTU)
  • Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates
  • Supervisor of Master's Candidates


           Zigang DENG is currently a Professor, doctoral supervisor and the provincial innovation team leader of HTS Maglev technologies at State Key Laboratory of Traction Power of SWJTU. He obtained his BEng in Mechanical Engineering from Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU), Chengdu, China in 2004, and the PhD in Transportation Engineering from SWJTU in 2009. Moreover, he was a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Postdoctoral Fellow at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT) from October 2009 to October 2011 before joining SWJTU. The research interests and academic field of Zigang DENG mainly focus on High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) Maglev technologies for rail transit applications and Evacuated Tube Maglev Systems. He has presided over 10 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Sichuan Youth Science and Technology Fund, and Overseas study returnees launch funds. Up to now, he has published over 150 scientific papers, three book chapters and 40 patents. And under Prof. Deng’s execution, the manned HTS Maglev Ring Test Line in China and the Evacuated Tube HTS Maglev Vehicle Test System were developed successfully. These progresses have been widely reported by CCTV, BBC, ARTE, SRF, IEEE Spectrum and so on.

    2004.9  to   2009.6
    Southwest Jiaotong University  |  Traffic Information Engineering and Control  |  PhD graduate  |  Doctoral candidate

    2000.9  to   2004.6
    Southwest Jiaotong University  |  Mechanical Engineering and Automation  |  Bachelor degree  |  Bachelor of engineering

    2018.1  to  2020.4
    Southwest Jiaotong University
    State Key Laboratory of Traction Power
    Committed to the research of HTS Maglev system, won the first "XPlorer Prize".

    2011.12  to  2017.12
    Southwest Jiaotong University
    State Key Laboratory of Traction Power
    Associate professor
    The instructor and leader of "High temperature superconducting magnetic levitation technology", engaged in research and development of high temperature superconducting maglev vehicle.

    2009.10  to  2011.10
    Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
    IZUMI Laboratory
    Supported by JSPS overseas special researcher Fund (1115 people applied for the same batch in the world and 180 people were supported) ,and do postdoctoral research in IZUMI Laboratory of Tokyo Ocean University.




    Research Group

    Name of Research Group:The Research and Application of High Temperature Superconducting Magnetic Levitation Technology

    Description of Research Group:The high temperature superconducting magnetic levitation research group of Southwest Jiaotong University belongs to the State Key Laboratory of traction power.The group has accumulated the experience and established the relevant platform from the previous study on electro-magnetic-thermal-force multi-field coupling mechanism, levitation characteristics, operating speed, linear motor, dynamics characteristics and so on.By this group,the first factitious loading HTS Maglev test vehicle was successfully developed in 2000.For the further research on HTS maglev under the working condition of high-speed, the group has also established a multi-function high-speed operation simulation platform on which the high-speed test(around 400km/h)is expected to be conducted in 2020.The total papers published by our group have achieved more than 200 SCI-indexed papers since 2001.It is a young group full of cohesion and combat effectiveness.Welcome all aspiring young people to join us.