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  • Administrative Position: Professor
  • Education Level: PhD graduate
  • Degree: Doctor of engineering
  • Business Address: Room 210, Building B, Jiuli Campus
  • Gender: Male
  • Academic Titles: Head of Department of building environment and energy application engineering Department
  • School/Department: School of mechanical engineering

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    BIO EducationPhD, PLA University of Science and Technology, Heating, gassing, ventilation and air conditioning engineering (2005)M.A., Army Engineering University of PLA, Combat engineering support (2002)B.S., Harbin University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Heating, gassing, ventilation and air conditioning engineering (1996)EmploymentAcademic AppointmentsProfessor, School of mechanical engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, China (2010-present)Postdoctoral Fellow, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China (2008-2011)Associate Professor, School of mechanical engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, China (2007-2010)Postdoctoral Fellow, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China (2005-2007)Administrative AppointmentsVice Dean of School of Mechanical Engineering (2016-Present) Research InterestsLatent heat thermal energy storage, Ground source heat pump system, Solar energy system for buildings, Thermal environment of underground space, Engineering heat & mass transfer for buildings SELECTED PUBLICATIONSPrincipal Publications of the Last Five YearsYang Sui, Jiqiang Niu, Pierre Ricco, Yanping Yuan*, Qiujun Yu, Xiaoling Cao, Xiaofeng Yang. Impact of vacuum degree on the aerodynamics of a high-speed train capsule running in a tube. International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow. 2021, 88 (IF=2.073)Chao Zeng, Fujiao Tang, Yanping Yuan*, Xiaoling Cao, Fariborz Haghighat, Karthik Panchabikesan. Thermal performance of energy diaphragm wall (EDW) adjacent to air-conditioned space from the underground-engineering perspective, Geothermics. 2021,91. (IF=3.682) Bo Xiang, Yasheng Ji, Yanping Yuan*, Dan Wu, Chao Zeng, Jinzhi Zhou. 10-year simulation of photovoltaic-thermal road assisted ground source heat pump system for accommodation building heating in expressway service area. Solar Energy. 2021,215: 459-472 (IF=4.608)Juan Zhao, Yanping Yuan*, Fariborz Haghighat, Jun Lu, Guohui Feng. Investigation of energy performance and operational schemes of a Tibet-focused PCM-integrated solar heating system employing a dynamic energy simulation model. Energy. 2019,172:141-154. (IF=6.082)Yanlin Song, Nan Zhang, Yanping Yuan*, Li Yang, Xiaoling Cao. Prediction of the solid effective thermal conductivity of fatty acid/carbon material composite phase change materials based on fractal theory. Energy. 2019, 170:752-762. (IF=6.082)Yikai Zeng, Fenghao Li, Fei Lu, Xuelong Zhou, Yanping Yuan*, Xiaoling Cao, Bo Xiang. A hierarchical interdigitated flow field design for scale-up of highperformance redox flow batteries. Applied Energy. 2019,238:435-441. (IF=8.848) ESI highly cited paperNan Zhang, Yanping Yuan*, Xiaoling Cao, Yanxia Du, Zhaoli Zhang, Yewei Gui. Latent heat thermal energy storage systems with solid-liquid phase change materials: A review. Advanced Engineering Materials,2018, DOI: 10.1002/adem.201700753 (IF=3.217) ESI highly cited paperXiaoling Cao, Yanping Yuan*. Numerical investigation on optimal number of longitudinal fins in horizontal annular phase-change unit at different wall temperatures, Energy and Buildings , 2018, 158: 384–392 (IF=4.867) ESI highly cited paperXiaojiao Yang, Liangliang Sun, Yanping Yuan*, Xudong Zhao, Xiaoling Cao, Experimental investigation on performance comparison of PV/T-PCM system and PV/T system. Renewable Energy,2018,119:152-159. (IF=6.274) ESI highly cited paperYanping Yuan *, Xiangkui Gao, Hongwei Wu, Zujin Zhang, Xiaoling Cao, Liangliang Sun, Nanyang Yu, Coupled cooling method and application of latent heat thermal energy storage combined with pre-cooling of envelope: Method and model development. Energy, 2017, 119: 817-833. (IF=6.082) ESI highly cited paper Selected Awards and HonorsFirst-Class Award for the Science and Technology Progress of Chinese Association of Refrigeration, China, (2015)First-Class Award for the Science and Technology Progress of Sichuan Province, China, (2014)Third-Class Award for the Science and Technology Progress of Sichuan Province, China, (2012)Special Award of Zhan Tianyou, Ministry of Railways, China, (2010) Professional ActivitiesPresident, International Conference for Global Chinese Academia on Energy and Built Environment (2019–present)President, ISEBE (2019–present)Vice President, IAQVEC (2019–present)Editor-in-chief, Energy and Built Environment (2019–present)Editorial Board Members, Renewable Energy (2018–present)Editorial Board Members, Sustainable Cities and Society (2017–present)Associate Editor, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (2018–present)Subject Editor, Journal of Thermal Science (2019–present)RESEARCHCurrent ResearchTheory and methods of thermal-humidity control and fire safety guarantee for Sichuan-Tibet Railway tunnel, Natural Science Foundation of China, NO: 52038009(2021–2025)Formation mechanism on the thermal environment of evacuated buried tube supersonic speed maglev transport and its characteristic parameters optimization, Natural Science Foundation of China, NO: 51978575(2020–2023) Research GroupProf. Yuan is the heat of Built Environment and Energy Efficient Utilization Team Sichuan Youth Science and Technology Innovation Group TEACHINGPrimary Teaching areasLatent heat thermal energy storage Air conditioning Thermal environment of underground space Current CoursesAir conditioning Building Environment and Energy Technology HVAC Frontier GRADUATE SUPERVISIONI am available for supervision. Over the past five years, I have supervised and graduated 33 Mas and 9 PhDs…

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    Name of Research Group:建筑环境与能源高效利用团队四川省青年科技创新团队