Supervisor of Master's Candidates

Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates



Business Address:Jiuli Campus


Pan Yi


Doctoral supervisor

Master's supervisor


Office: College of Civil Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, 111 North Section of Second Ring Road, Chengdu






ž   PhD, Southeast University, Disaster prevention and mitigation projects and protection projects (2008)

ž   M.A., Chongqing University, Structural engineering (2003)

ž   B.S., Chongqing Jianzhu University, Industrial and civil buildings (2000)



Academic Appointments

ž   Professor, Department of Construction Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, China (2008-present)

ž   Visiting scholar, Colorado State University, USA (2013-2014)

ž   Stay on to teach, School of Civil Engineering, Chongqing University, China (2003-2004)

Administrative Appointments

ž   Deputy Director, Department of Construction Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering

ž   Deputy Director, Structural Engineering Center


Research Interests

ž   Theory and Application of Fiber Reinforced Composite Structures,

ž   High-speed rail station room health monitoring and safety evaluation

ž   Earthquake resistance and disaster prevention and protection of cultural heritage buildings

ž   Design theory of seismic isolation and damping of complex structures



Principal Publications of the Last Five Years

ž   Pan Y, Yi D, Wu W, Bao Y, Guo R. Mechanical performance test and finite element analysis of prefabricated utility tunnel L-shaped joint. Struct Design Tall Spec Build. 2020; e1748.

ž   Zhang M , Xie X , Gao X , Pan Y, et al. Study on failure criterion of thin-walled steel frame structures based on the ESED parameter[J]. Thin-Walled Structures, 2021, 161(1):107357.

ž   Yi Pan, Renqi Gu, Ming Zhang, Gerry Parke, Alireza Behnejad. A method for analyzing the buckling strength of truss structures[J]. Earthquake and Structure, 2019, 16(2): 129-139.

ž   Yi Pan, Xiaoyue Wang, Rui Guo*, Shuang Yuan. Seismic damage assessment of Nepalese cultural heritage building and seismic retrofit strategies: 25 April 2015 Gorkha (Nepal) earthquake, Engineering Failure Analysis, 2018, 87(1): 80~95.

ž   Rui Guo, Yi Pan, Lianheng Cai, Shinichi Hino. Study on design formula of shear capacity of RC beams reinforced by CFRP grid with PCM shotcrete method[J]. Engineering Structures, 2018, 166(4):427-440.

ž   Junxian Zhao, Ruobing Chen, Zhan Wang, Yi Pan*. Sliding corner gusset connections for improved buckling-restrained braced steel frame seismic performance: Subassemblage tests [J]. Engineering Structures, 172: 644-662.

ž   Guo Rui, Pan Yi*, Cai Lianheng, Hino Shinichi. Bonding Behavior of CFRP grid-concrete with PCM shotcrete[J]. Engineering Structures, 2018, 168(2): 333-345.

ž   Kaoshan Dai, Ang Li, Hexiao Zhang, Shen-En Chen, Yi Pan*. Surface damage quantification of postearthquake building based on terrestrial laser scan data [J]. Structural Control and Health Monitoring, 2210: 1-18.

ž   Yi Pan, Rui Guo, Hongyi Li, Hongyuan Tang, Jingxiang Huang. Analysis-oriented stress-strain model of FRP-confined concrete with preload[J]. Composite Structures, 2017, 166(1): 57-67.

ž   Yi Pan, Rui Guo, Hongyi Li, Hongyuan Tang, Long Xu. Study on stress-strain relation of concrete confined by CFRP under preload[J]. Engineering Structures, 2017, 143(4):52-63.






Selected Awards and Honors

ž   Advanced Individual in Scientific Research and Education, School of Civil Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University

ž   Second Prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award

ž   Third Prize of Sichuan Science and Technology Progress Award

ž   Excellent reviewers of multiple journals

ž   "Tang Lixin Outstanding Scholar" of Southwest Jiaotong University

ž   "Outstanding Contribution Expert" of Sichuan Construction Science and Technology Association

ž   "Advanced Worker" of Sichuan Civil and Architectural Society

ž   Southwest Jiaotong University "Lingshi Star"

ž   Reserve candidates for academic and technical leaders in Sichuan Province

ž   "Outstanding Communist Party Member" of Southwest Jiaotong University

ž   Second Prize of Sichuan Science and Technology Progress Award

Professional Activities

ž   Editor of "Higher Architectural Education"

ž   Editorial Board Member of "Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Chinese and English)"

ž   Vice President of the Construction Industrialization Branch of Sichuan Construction Technology Association

ž   Deputy Director, Earthquake and Disaster Prevention Branch of Sichuan Survey and Design Association

ž   Member of Sichuan Rail Transit Standardization Technical Committee

ž   Member of the Building Structure Professional Committee of Sichuan Civil Engineering and Architectural Society

ž   Member of National Technical Committee of Building Appraisal and Reinforcement Standards

ž   Member of the Committee for the Promotion of Earthquake-Resistance and Earthquake-Reduction Engineering Technology of the Chinese Civil Engineering Society

ž   Expert of the Chinese Patent Examination Technology Expert Group of the State Intellectual Property Office

ž   Member of the Infrastructure Earthquake Prevention and Disaster Mitigation Committee of the Chinese Seismological Society

ž   Member of the Mountain Structure Professional Committee of the Earthquake and Disaster Prevention Branch of the Architectural Society of China

ž   Member of the Building Structure Anti-collapse Professional Committee of the Earthquake and Disaster Prevention Branch of the Architectural Society of China

ž   Evaluation experts for scientific and technological progress awards in Hebei, Zhejiang, and Chongqing

ž   Evaluation Expert of the Degree and Graduate Center of the Ministry of Education

ž   Evaluation Expert of National Natural Science Foundation of China


Current Research

ž   Research on strong earthquake damage mechanism and seismic reinforcement methods of ancient wooden structures in mountainous areas, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2018-2022;

ž   Research on New Damage Identification Method and Application of Railway Passenger Station Structure Based on Health Monitoring, Sichuan Science and Technology Support Program Project, 2019-2021

ž   Life-cycle safety assessment technology for large-span spatial structures of stations, national key research and development plan, 2016-2020;

ž   Research on the failure mechanism and intelligent prediction method of single-layer reticulated shells based on strain energy density for strong earthquakes, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2016-2020;

ž   Theoretical analysis and experimental research on the long-term load effect of concrete confined by fiber sheets, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2012-2014;

ž   Research on the Complete Technology of Building Seismic Isolation, Sichuan Science and Technology Support Program Project, 2014-2016;

ž   Research on the Application of Seismic Isolation and Shock Absorption Technology in the Seismic Reinforcement of Wooden Structures of Ancient Buildings, a project funded by the Key Laboratory of Urban and Architectural Heritage Protection, Ministry of Education, 2010-2011;

ž   Research on key technologies for anti-collapse of construction projects under catastrophic earthquakes, National Science and Technology Support Program Project, 2009-2012;

ž   Earthquake damage and protection countermeasures of cultural heritage buildings in Wenchuan Earthquake, Consulting Project of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2010-2011;

ž   Earthquake damage and restoration and reconstruction countermeasures of construction projects in small and medium-sized cities in Wenchuan Earthquake, Chinese Academy of Engineering Consulting Project, 2010-2011;

ž   Research on the long-term load effect of FRP-confined concrete and its application in seismic reinforcement, the Central University Science and Technology Innovation Project Fund, 2010-2011;

ž   Research on Sichuan Province Building Seismic Appraisal and Reinforcement Technical Regulations, Major Project of Sichuan Province Science and Technology Plan, 2008-2009

Research Group

ž   The research team has been committed to scientific research and engineering practice in the field of building structural disaster prevention and mitigation for a long time, relying on the "National Engineering Laboratory of Land Transportation Geological Disaster Prevention and Control Technology", "Sichuan Key Laboratory of Earthquake Engineering Technology" and "Structural Engineering Test of Southwest Jiaotong University" Center", guided by the frontiers of disciplines and engineering needs, conducted research with an international perspective, and practiced with family and country feelings, and strived to improve the comprehensive capabilities of team members (including innovation, communication, collaboration, writing, speech, organization Seven abilities such as ability and foreign language ability), carry out high-quality scientific research and engineering practice, and realize smooth docking with society, academia and engineering. The team consultants include Zhang Xihong, Chen Cheng, Bao Hua, Liu Yifeng, Zhao Guangpo, etc., as well as 12 masters and 4 doctors.


Primary Teaching areas

ž   Earthquake resistance and reinforcement

Current Courses

ž   Architectural Engineering Graduation Design

ž   Anti-seismic design of building structure

ž   Design Principles of Seismic Resistance and Damping of Structures



I am available for supervision. Over the past five years, I have supervised and graduated 4 PhDs and 24 Postgraduate


In the News

In May 2018, at the "China-Japan Disaster Prevention and Reduction Forum" held by the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Wenchuan Earthquake, he was invited to give a special report on the "Research Progress and Specification Preparation of Building Earthquake Resistance in Sichuan Province in the Decade of the Wenchuan Earthquake", and was invited to participate in the Forum on the Law Enforcement of the Earthquake Prevention and Disaster Reduction Law of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, and was received by the party and state leaders.