• School/Department: 牵引动力国家重点实验室

  • Business Address: 西南交通大学牵引动力实验室

  • Contact Information: 通信地址:成都市二环路北一段111号 电子邮箱 办公电话:028-86466085

  • Professional Title: Research Associate

  • Alma Mater: 西南交通大学

  • Supervisor of Master's Candidates

  • Discipline:Mechanical Engineering
  • MORE> Recommended MA Supervisor
    Language: 中文

    Teacher Information

    Research Associate

    Supervisor of Master's Candidates

    Name (Pinyin):luoren


    Business Address:西南交通大学牵引动力实验室

    Contact Information:通信地址:成都市二环路北一段111号 电子邮箱 办公电话:028-86466085

    Professional Title:Research Associate

    Alma Mater:西南交通大学

    Discipline:Mechanical Engineering

    Honors and Titles:

    2015    Advanced individual of science and technology work in Southwest Jiaotong University

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