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Liu Xueyi is a professor and doctoral supervisor of the Department of Railway engineering, School of Civil Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University. Engaged in railway engineering teaching and scientific research for a long time. The research experience and academic achievements can be roughly summarized into two aspects, one is structural design and maintenance theory of ballastless track of high-speed railway (2001-2020), the other is rail damage mechanism and mitigation measures (1983-2000)(1983-2000). He has taught railway track, train-track-subgrade system dynamics, track structure theory and track mechanics, railway engineering dynamics and other courses.

Education Background


Southwest Jiaotong University Railway Engineering Department Railway Engineering Bachelor degree, Bachelor of Engineering;


Southwest Jiaotong University Master degree in Railway Engineering, Department of Railway Engineering;


Southwest Jiaotong University, Department of Railway and Road Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, on-the-job doctoral candidate, doctor of Engineering.


Administrative Appointments


 Southwest Jiaotong University(SWJTU)|Teaching Assistant and Secretary of Department of Road and Railway Engineering, College of Civil Engineering;


 Southwest Jiaotong University(SWJTU)|Lecturer and Director of Department of Road and Railway Engineering, College of Civil Engineering;


 Southwest Jiaotong University(SWJTU)|Associate Professor and Assistant dean, Department of Road and Railway Engineering, School of Civil Engineering


 Southwest Jiaotong University(SWJTU)|Department of Road and Railway Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, professor, doctoral supervisor, deputy director of department and Party branch secretary;


Canadian Pacific Railway company|Senior Visiting Scholar


Southwest Jiaotong University(SWJTU)|Professor, doctoral supervisor, deputy director and director of Science and Technology Department, Deputy Director and Minister of Science and Technology of National Rail Transit Laboratory, Deputy dean of graduate School, Secretary of party Committee of School of Civil Engineering.

Research Interests

Dynamic design and reliability design theory and method of track structure;The deformation failure mechanism and maintenance technology of high-speed railway track;Dynamics of wheel-rail system and high-speed heavy haul railway. 

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