Qi Jiang   

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  • School/Department: 超导材料研究所

  • Education Level: PhD graduate

  • Business Address: 西南交通大学九里校区3号楼3538#

  • Contact Information: Fax/Tel: 86-28-87603544; 13018219535 E-mail addresses: jiangqi66@163.com, jiangqi@swjtu.cn

  • Degree: Doctor of science

  • Professional Title: Professor

  • Alma Mater: 中国科学院

  • Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates

  • Supervisor of Master's Candidates

  • Discipline:Chemical
    Applied Chemistry
    Materials and Chemicals
    Materials Science and Engineering
    Biology and Medicine
    In Electrical Engineering
    Material Science
  • Honors and Titles:

    2011    四川省学术和技术带头人后备人选

    2009    西南交通大学高层次人才计划-竢实之星

    2008    西南交通大学教学成果奖二等奖

    2003    中国科学院院长优秀奖

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    Qi Jiang



    Key Laboratory of Advanced Technologies of Materials (Ministry of Education of China), Superconductivity and New Energy R&D Center, Southwest Jiaotong University,Chengdu 610031, China

    Educational Experience

    • 1993.9-1997.7  

      西华师范大学       化学       Undergraduate (bachelor)       Bachelor's degree

    • 1997.9-2000.7  

      西华师范大学       物理化学       Graduate student (master)       A master's degree

    • 2000.9-2003.6  

      中国科学院       有机化学专业纳米功能材料       PhD graduate       Doctor of science

    Work Experience

    • 2008.12-Now

      超导与新能源中心      教授,硕导,博导

    • 2016.1-2016.12

      成都市高新区创新服务中心      副主任,副处级

    • 2006.12-2008.12

      超导与新能源中心      副教授,硕导

    • 2003.7-2006.12

      材料学院      副教授,硕导

    Research Group

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    Description of Research Group:




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