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Supervisor of Master's Candidates

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  • Business Address: 西南交通大学犀浦校区电气楼10748
  • Gender: Male
  • Status: 在岗
  • Alma Mater: 重庆大学
  • School/Department: 电气工程学院
  • Discipline:Rail Electrification and Information Technology
    High Voltage and Insulation Technology
    In Electrical Engineering

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    [1] G. Z. Huang, B. Yan, Y. J. Guo, B. Zhang, G. N. Wu, " Experimental study on dynamic response characteristics of isolated-span transmission lines after ice-shedding," High Voltage, online access, 2022. Q1TOP,中科院1区)

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    2011.9  to   2015.6
    重庆大学  |  Bachelor degree  |  Bachelor's degree

    2015.9  to   2020.6
    重庆大学  |  PhD graduate  |  Doctoral candidate  |  硕博连读

    2020.12  to  Now


    担任 IEEE CIYCEE 国际会议分会主席;

    担任 IEEE P3133国际标准(输电线路融冰)工作组委员;

    担任 国际大电网组织CIGRE B2.84(输电线路舞动)工作组委员;