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Business Address:Southwest Jiaotong University Key Laboratory of Transportation Tunnel Engineering, Ministry of Education(TTL)R & D building 406 room





Department of Tunnel and underground engineering


Office: Room 605, Tunnel Building, Jiuli Campus

Links: 028-87601932

Personal Profile

      ž   Ping Geng, PhD in Engineering, professor, doctoral supervisor, backbone member of "Innovation Team of Large and Complex Traffic Tunnel Engineering of Ministry of Education", has long been committed to research on seismic theory and technology of tunnel and underground engineering and shield tunnel structure theory.From 1994 to 1996, she was assigned by Ministry of Education scholarship to study and research on structural seismic resistance in disaster Prevention Laboratory of Building Discipline, Faculty of Engineering, Tohoku University, Japan.As the national natural science fund and the Ministry of Education degree center communication review, Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering, China Journal of Highway and Tunnel construction, Tunnel and Underground Space Technology, Journal of Earthquake and Tunami, Ocean EngIneering and other well-known national and international professional journal reviewers.

        ž   Prof Geng has presided over one key project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, three general projects, two key RESEARCH and development projects of Sichuan Province, one Science and Technology Support Project of Sichuan Province, and one Application foundation Project of Sichuan Province.She has been engaged in more than 20 projects including national Key RESEARCH and development Program, 863 Projects, 973 Topics, National Science and Technology Support Program, Key and major science and technology programs of ministry of Railways, and transportation science and technology projects in western China.It has won one first prize and one third prize of Science and Technology Progress of Sichuan Province, and one Special prize of Science and Technology of China Railway Construction Corporation.Prof Geng has obtained 16 national authorized patents and published more than 100 papers.Participated in the compilation of national standards GB/T51336-2018 for Seismic Design of Underground Structures and Shield Tunnel Engineering Design Standards.



ž   PhD, SouthWest JiaoTong University,Tunnel and underground structure(2011)

             Northeastern University, Japan, Structural disaster prevention (1996)

ž   M.A., XI’an University of Technology, Hydraulic and hydropower station structure (1989)

ž   B.S., Chengdu University of Science and Technology, Water conservancy and Hydropower Construction Engineering (1984)


Academic Appointments

ž   Professor, Department of Tunnel and underground engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, China (2014-present)

ž   Associate Professor, Department of Tunnel and underground engineering,Southwest Jiaotong University,China(2007-2014)

ž   Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering, Chengdu Hydropower School,China  (1989-1991)

ž   Assistant, Department of civil engineering,Guizhou intitute of Technology,China.

Research Interests

ž   Seismic theory of tunnel and underground engineering.

ž   Design theory of tunnel structure.


Principal Publications of the Last Five Years

ž   [1] Wang Q, Geng P* , Guo X , et al. Experimental study on the tensile performance of circumferential joint in shield tunnel[J]. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 112.

ž   [2] Guo X, Geng P, Wang Q, et al. Full-scale test on seismic performance of circumferential joint of shield-driven tunnel[J]. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 2021, 151: 106957. 

ž   [3] Zeng G, Geng P*, Guo X, et al. An anti-fault study of basalt fiber reinforced concrete in tunnels crossing a stick-slip fault[J]. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, 2021: 106687.

ž   [4] Wang Q, Geng P, Guo X, et al. Case study on the seismic response of a subway station combined with a flyover[J]. Underground Space, 2021, 6(6): 665-677.

ž   [5] Guo X, Wang Z, Geng P*, et al. Ground surface settlement response to subway station construction activities using pile–beam–arch method[J]. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 2021, 108: 103729.

ž   [6] Geng P, Mei S, Zhang J, et al. Study on seismic performance of shield tunnels under combined effect of axial force and bending moment in the longitudinal direction[J]. Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 2019, 91: 103004.

ž   [7]Zhang J, He C, Geng P, et al. Improved longitudinal seismic deformation method of shield tunnels based on the iteration of the nonlinear stiffness of ring joints[J]. Sustainable cities and society, 2019, 45: 105-116.

ž   [8] Qixiang Yan, Yajun Xu, Ping Geng* et al. Nonlinear Transient Analysis of Temperature Fields in an AGF Project used for a Cross-Passage Tunnel in the SuZhou Metro[J].KSCE Journal of civil Engineering, Vol.22, No.4(2018)

ž   [9] Qixiang Yan,Bin Li, Ping Geng* et al. Dynamic response of a double -lined shield tunnel to train impact loads[J].Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology. Vol.53,(2016)

ž   [10] Pingliang Chen,Ping Geng*Changjian Chen,et al. Study on mechanical model of segment joint considering joint normal contact nonlinearity[J].China Civil Engineering Journal,DOI:10.15951/j.tmgcxb.2021.05.009.

ž   [11] Xiangyu Guo,Ping Geng*,Ti Ding,et al. Mechanical behavior of tunnel under stick-slip action of reverse fault,Journal of Vibration and Shock, DOI: 10.13465 /j.cnki.jvs. 2021.17.034.

ž   [12]Geng Ping,Chen Pingliang,Chen Changjian,et al. Longitudinal Analysis Model of Shield Tunnel Considering Contact Nolinearity and Its Application.Journal Of Tongji University(Natural Science).DOI:10. 11908/j. issn. 0253-374x. 21139.

ž   [13]Geng Ping,Zeng Guanxiong,Guo Xiangyu,et al. Seismic Response of Tunnel Structures Passing Through Fault Zone Under Near-field Pulsed Earthquakes.China J.Highw.Transp.

ž   [14]Geng Ping,Wang Qi,Guo Xiangyu,et al. Pull-out Test of Longitudinal Joints of Shield Tunnel.China J.Highw.Transp.

ž   [15]Geng Ping,Guo Xiangyu,Wang Qi,et al. Feasibility study on local full-scale experiment’s boundary of longitudinal joint of shield tunnel,China Civil Engineering Journal,DOI:10.15951/j.tmgcxb.2020.01.009.GENG


GENG Pin ZENG Guan xion GUO Xian GENG Pin ZENG Guan xion GUO Xian GENG Pin ZENG Guan xion GUO Xian GENG




Selected Awards and Honors

ž   First prize of Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award(2010)

ž   Third prize of Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award(2009)


Current Research

ž   Seismic Response of Tunnel Structures.

ž   Mechanical model of segment joint.

Research Group

ž  Prof. Geng is a core member of Key Laboratory of traffic tunnel engineering of Ministry of Education.


Primary Teaching areas

ž   Seismic theory of tunnel and underground engineering.

ž   Design theory of tunnel structure.

Current Courses

ž   Seismic design theory of underground structures.

ž   Introduction to underground engineering.

ž   Utilization of underground space.

ž   Underwater tunnel.


I am available for supervision. Over the past several years, I have supervised and graduated more than 20 M.As,Welcome to study, exchange and apply for the exam.