QIU Wenge


Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates


Business Address:西南交通大学科技园C座402


仇文革证件照(斜).jpg   QIU Wenge


Academic leader in the direction of traffic tunnel engineering construction and maintenance technology

Email: qiuwen_qw@163.com

Office: Room 303, Tunnel laboratory Building, Jiuli Campus




Ph.D.  Bridges and Tunnels /Southwest Jiaotong University/China (2003)

M.A.  Bridges and Tunnels /Southwest Jiaotong University/China (1988)


Academic Appointments

Chief  Professor on Tunneling Mechanics/Southwest Jiaotong University/China(2000- )

Associate Professor/ Southwest Jiaotong University/China(1993-2000)

Lecturer  Southwest Jiaotong University/China(1988-1993)


Research Interests

Building information model(BIM),

Digitalization and intelligence in tunnel engineering



Principal Publications of the Last Five Years

Mountain Tunnel

Utilization of Underground Space

Tunnel Mechanics

Tunnel Single Layer Lining Technology-Theory, Design and Construction


Selected Awards and Honors

Ministry of Science and Technology/ China (2014)

Winner ITA Tunnelling awards/ITA (2018,2019,2020)


Professional Activities

Director of Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering

The Group Leader of ITA WG9-Seismic Effect on Tunnel

Director of the Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics & Engineering

Vice Chairman of the Underground Engineering Branch(C02) of the Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics & Engineering

Standing Director of the Tunnel and Underground Engineering Branch of the China Civil Engineering Society

Director of the Professional Committee of Tunnel Life Cycle Management and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation


Current Research

Research project title 1:Research and application of a resistance-limiting and energy-dissipating support structure suitable for large tunnel deformation

Research project title 2 :The technical challenges and scientific countermeasures for the extra long and deep tunnels


Research Group

Dr.Qiu is the lesder of Qiushi group



Primary Teaching areas

Tunnel mechanics

Principles of Underground Engineering Mechanics


Current Courses

Tunnel mechanics

Mountain tunnel

Principles of Underground Engineering Mechanics


I am available for supervision. Over the past five years, I have supervised and graduated 6 PhDs and 15 masters.