Ziquan Chen



Business Address:Room 406, Tunnel laboratory, Jiuli Campus, SWJTU


CHEN Ziquan

  Assistant Professor

  School of  Civil Engineering

  Direction of underground engineering

  Email: chenziquan@swjtu.edu.cn

  Office:Room 406,  Transportation Tunnel Engineering Lab., Jiuli Campus, SWJTU



     ž  PhD, Southwest Jiaotong University, Bridge and tunnel engineering (2019)

     ž  M.A., Chengdu University of Technology, Geotechnical engineering (2015)

     ž  B.S., Jilin University, Engineering Geology  (2012)


   Academic Appointments

     ž  Assistant Professor, Department of Underground Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, China (2019-present)


     ž  Deformation mechanism and control technology of soft rock tunnel under high geo-stress

     ž  Interaction mechanism and damage evolution characteristics of surrounding rock-support structures

     ž   Health monitoring and safety evaluation of tunnel structures in complex geological environment


Principal Publications of the Last Five Years

ž  Ziquan Chen, Chuan He, Guowen Xu. A Case Study on the Asymmetric Deformation Characteristics and Mechanical Behavior of Deep-Buried Tunnel. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, 2019, 52(11): 4527-4545.

ž  Ziquan Chen, Chuan He, Gaoyu Ma, et al. Energy Damage Evolution Mechanism of Rock and Its Application to Brittleness Evaluation. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, 2019, 52(4): 1265-1274.

ž  Ziquan Chen, Chuan He, Guowen Xu, et al. Supporting mechanism and mechanical behavior of a double primary support method for tunnels. Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment, 2019, 78(10): 5253-5267.

ž  Ziquan Chen, Chuan He, Di Wu, et al. Fracture evolution and energy mechanism of deep-buried carbonaceous slate. Acta Geotechnica, 2017, 12(6): 1243-1260.

ž  Ziquan Chen, Chuan He, Jun Wang, Chunchi Ma. Time-dependent squeezing deformation mechanism of tunnels in layered soft-rock stratum under high geo-stress. Journal of Mountain Science, 2021, 18: 1371-1390.

Selected Awards and Honors

ž   First Prize of Science and Technology Award of Highway Institute of China, Ranking 8st place, (2021)

ž   Seedling program of Southwest Jiaotong University (2021)

Professional Activities

ž   Member of  Highway and Transportation Society of China



Current Research

ž   Study on the distribution law and aging transfer mechanism of asymmetric squeezing pressure for layered soft rock tunnel under high geo-stress

ž   Study on control method of asymmetric large deformation disaster of deep buried metamorphic soft rock tunnel based on active deformation control concept

ž   Study on interaction mechanism between surrounding rock and support structure of deep buried metamorphic soft rock tunnel in Sichuan Tibet Railway

Research Group

ž   Dr. Chen is a core member of Innovation team of Ministry of Education for Large and Complex Traffic Tunnel Engineering

ž    Dr. Chen is a core member of Huang Danian style traffic tunnel engineering teacher team



Primary Teaching areas

ž   Tunnel Engineering

Current Courses

ž   Tunnel Engineering