zeng yong

Associate Professor

Supervisor of Master's Candidates


Business Address:School of civil engineering—Jiuli campus, Southwest Jiaotong University, Jinniu District, Chengdu, Sichuan



Associate Professor

Master Supervisor

School of Civil Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University

Vice-director of Modern Transportation Planning and Design Institute

Overseas High-Level Talents in Sichuan Province

Chengdu Rail Transit Bid Evaluation Expert

Email: zengy@swjtu.edu.cn

Office: Room 4203, Teaching Building No.4, Xipu Campus







ž   PhD, Southwest Jiaotong University, Road and Railway Engineering (2012)

ž   M.A., Southwest Jiaotong University, Structural Engineering (2006)

ž   B.S., Southwest Jiaotong University, Civil Engineering (2000)



Academic Appointments

ž   Associate Professor, School of Civil Engineering, Southwest Jiaotong University, China (2010-present)

ž   Visiting Scholar, Colorado School of Mine, U.S.A. (2016-2017)

ž   Postdoctoral Fellow, Postdoctoral Workstation of CREEC, Postdoctoral Mobile Station of Southwest Jiaotong University, China (2013-2016)

Administrative Appointments

ž   Vice-director of Research Institute (2021- present)

ž   Vice-dean, Department of civil engineering in transportation (2020-2021)

ž   Assistant Dean, Department of civil engineering in transportation (2014-2019)

ž   Head of Teaching and Research Office (2014-2019)

ž   Vice-director of Teaching and Research Office (2009-2014)


Research Interests

ž   Theory and Method of Railway Location Design

ž   Theory and method of Railway Track Maintenance

ž   Railway Track and Dynamics

ž   Multi Perception Method in Structural Health Monitoring of Civil Engineering



Principal Publications of the Last Five Years

ž   Zeng Yong, He Ying, Gong Lei, Shan Haidong, Song Hongrui Identification of Ground Traffic Line Corridor in Glacier Landslide Area [J / OL] Railway Standard Design: 1-7 [2021-12-30] DOI:10.13238/J.Issn. 1004-2954.202104290002.

ž   Song Hongrui, Zhong Guangrong, Gong Lei, He Mai, Zeng Yong. Influence of Alignment Parameters on Dynamic Characteristics of Meter Gauge Vehicles in Overlapping Sections of Horizontal And Vertical Curves[J]. Railway Construction Technology, 2021 (02): 49-54.


ž   Zeng Ding, Zeng Yong. Debris flow occurrence prediction based on improved limit learning machine[J]. Computer and modernization, 2020 (09): 95-99.


ž   Zeng Yong, Zhong Guangrong, Yang Chuanqi. Analysis of gauge widening in small radius curve section of meter gauge railway[J]. Railway construction technology, 2020 (06): 48-52.


ž   Wang Zhonglin, Zeng Yong, Yi Sirong. Influence of 40.0 ‰ maximum gradient of Metro main line on driving characteristics[J]. Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University, 2021,56 (05): 937-944.


ž   Zeng Yong, Jiang Xing, Fu Lilin. Analysis on management limit of high-low / rail direction composite irregularity of 30 t axle load heavy haul railway [J] Railway standard design, 2017,61 (12): 41-45 DOI:10.13238/j.issn. 1004-2954.2017. 12.009.


ž   Zeng Yong, Xu Youding, Yi Sirong, Yan Hua. Dynamic analysis of minimum curve radius of heavy haul railway[J]. Journal of railway engineering, 2016,33 (01): 42-45 + 96.



Selected Awards and Honors

ž   Second Prize of National Teaching Achievement Award (2019)

ž   First Prize of Scientific and Technological Innovation of Engineering Construction Association of Henan Province

ž   Third Prize of Scientific and Technological Innovation of China Highway Construction Industry Association (2015)

ž   First prize of China Power Construction Science and Technology Progress Award (2014)


Professional Activities

ž   Member of Technical Committee, World Transportation Convention (2020–)

ž   Reviewers of Journal of Transportation Engineering, Part A: Systems, Vehicle System DynamicsJournal of Zhejiang University etc. (2018–)

ž   Bid Evaluation Expert of Chengdu Rail Transit (2019–)

ž   Experts of Chongqing Science and technology expert database (2011–)



Current Research

ž   Key Technology Research on Trinity of Green Design / Construction / Operation of Sichuan Tibet Railway Project (2021-2024), National Key R & D Plan Project, Main Researcher

ž   Research on Mechanism and Technology of Impact of Expressway Beaded Karst Cave on Bridge Pile Foundation (2019-2021), Enterprise Scientific Research Project, Leader

ž   Complete Set of Key Technologies for The Construction of Super Large Subway Stations in Complex Urban Building Complex Environment (2021-2023), Enterprise Scientific Research Project, Leader



Primary Teaching areas

ž   Planning and Design of Railway Line

ž   Planning and Design of Urban Rail Transit Line


Current Courses

ž   Railway Location

ž   High Speed Railway Engineering

ž   Planning and Design of Urban Rail Transit Line

ž   Railway Location and Planning

ž   Overall Planning and Design of Railway